Success Stories from Guitar Acceleration Graduates


Most of these students only ever applied one or two of the total eight methods of the Guitar Acceleration Methodology. Even so, here are the transformations they experienced...


Brand-New to Fluent in 3 Weeks

More Progress in 4 Days Than in 2 Years

Slow to Stunning in 3 Weeks

I've never been this good at guitar. The past month seems to have been my most productive month practicing guitar ever. It felt like I got struck with a lightning bolt of speed and motivation. Guitarists that I look up to are now impressed with my playing and it feels great! 

Nick Devincentis

I'm playing faster than I ever have before playing the guitar and it's only been two weeks. ...The methods to your madness work!! 

Michael Thiboutot

If any guitarist is serious about improvement and looking to excel in areas they may be weak in, I'd recommend this.

Mike Caudle

I'm already extremely proud and have so much more confidence as a guitar player, at this point I've already reached half my goal, and it's only day 6, and really only my third session. That's just insane to me, now it's time to push the boundaries as far as I can and who knows...

Trevor Jackson

I have owned a guitar for 29 years. Always wanted to play it... always got frustrated to the point of giving up. Grateful to my friend Joshua who’s coaching and passion really inspired me. It has turned from a ‘wish I could’ to an ‘I’m doing it’ and I LOVE it.

Jason Unruh

Thank you for pushing me. I thought it was a mountain to climb and it was but with your coaching and kick in the butt I was able to do it [the "Under A Glass Moon" solo].

Michael Gliniak

Stuck for 8 Months. Unstuck in 2 Hours

Julius Trippner, 16, Student, Germany

Hybrid Picking from 140 BPM to 240 BPM

Aman Hassan, Guitar Instructor, Pakistan

From No Motivation to Practice... to Playing Late into the Night Every Night

Joshua Conversano, Medical Assistant, USA

Hitting Higher Speeds Consistently and Cleanly (From 90 BPM to 145 BPM)

Phil Alvarez, IT Manager, USA

​Reaching 100% Speed... Practice Doesn't Have to Be Difficult - It Can Be Fun

Mathieu Gervois, Customer Support, France

600 Notes Per Minute - "The Best Investment I've Ever Made"

John Burkholder, Performer, USA

"An Absolutely Wonderful Experience... I'm Now Doing Things on Stage and at Practice that I Could Never Do Before"

Sarah Halter, Singer-Songwriter for Blue Clutch, USA

"I've Been Teaching Guitar for the Past Decade...
How Did I Not Know About This Methodology?"

(2x the Progress in 2 Weeks Than in the Past 6 Months)

Nathan Turley, Guitar Instructor, USA

Here's What Fellow Players Have to Say About the First Week of the Program...


Here are a handful of comments from students sharing their experience within one week of signing up


9 Years Without Serious Practice... 2 Weeks into Guitar Acceleration, Here's His Progress with Van Halen's Legendary "Eruption" Solo

Steve Baca, MMA Instructor, USA


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