Recoding Method


You're moments away from accessing step-by-step video demonstrations on how to apply Recoding to your guitar playing and specific goals. 

  • Demonstration Videos. I break down each of the 5 Steps on the guitar in crystal-clear detail, to remove all of the guesswork and make the incredible progress that comes from making Recoding a simple and surefire process. ($97 Value)

  • Action Plan. You’ll also receive a 7-day, downloadable Action Plan that will help you make Recoding a solid habit... so you no longer have to rely on willpower or motivation to make sure you practice!

  • Community. When you unlock the full Recoding Method, you’ll be given an opportunity to join the Guitar Acceleration community right away. (Priceless)


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Unlock Method #3 of the Guitar Acceleration Methodology... (Save $90)


You Are Protected By A Generous 100% Money Back Guarantee! 


Unlike traditional lessons - I'm truly invested in your success and want you to walk away from this transformed. If you don't accelerate your acquisition of skill using this method and reach your specific goals... Just let me know, and I'll personally refund every penny.


This means you risk nothing, but we've both got skin in the game!


Success Stories from "Alpha" Students


About a year ago, a handful of students learned a few of the methods of the methodology and this is what they had to say...


I've never been this good at guitar. The past month seems to have been my most productive month practicing guitar ever. It felt like I got struck with a lightning bolt of speed and motivation. Guitarists that I look up to are now impressed with my playing and it feels great! 

Nick Devincentis

If any guitarist is serious about improvement and looking to excel in areas they may be weak in, I'd recommend this.

Mike Caudle

I have owned a guitar for 29 years. Always wanted to play it... always got frustrated to the point of giving up. Grateful to my friend Joshua who’s coaching and passion really inspired me. It has turned from a ‘wish I could’ to an ‘I’m doing it’ and I LOVE it.

Jason Unruh

I'm playing faster than I ever have before playing the guitar and it's only been two weeks. ...The methods to your madness work!! 

Michael Thiboutot

I'm already extremely proud and have so much more confidence as a guitar player, at this point I've already reached half my goal, and it's only day 6, and really only my third session. That's just insane to me, now it's time to push the boundaries as far as I can and who knows...

Trevor Jackson

Thank you for pushing me. I thought it was a mountain to climb and it was but with your coaching and kick in the butt I was able to do it [the "Under A Glass Moon" solo].

Michael Gliniak

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